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~ No. 03 ~
       In the circle of white stones.

This collection is focused around the changing ethics of Nomadic cultures within the Tibetan Plateau.

The traditional rhythms that have grounded Tibetans to their way of life for centuries dictate how Nomadic Tibetans have lived and have been a means for nomads to move from pasture to pasture, as the seasons and landscape change.

The shifting value of the landscape has meant that to a younger generation of tibetans, the rural life is not as fulfilling as what the westernised city has to offer. The passing down of traditional lifestyles and teachings is slowly dissipating.

The land is the entity that needs to be remembered and what grounds Tibetans back to their roots.
This becomes the journey of a culture defined by pastoralism, as the nomadic lifestyle asks one to always carry the land that birthed them. It is a journey of remembrance, of the white stones that make the landscape.


White stones:

Nikki McLarron
Yoshika Ishibashi
Edie Telle Nakata
Ajay Larr
Edie Telle Nakata
Xenia Telunts