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~ No. 01 ~
            & Dust.

Archives become tangible. References become characters. Stories told through an assemblage of scratches, tears, and dust. This collection allows an interpretation of images, textiles, and archives to be transformed into tangible forms. A lone European traveller, French farmers and Moroccan sellers emerge as characters in their own rites through the headwear they own.  Hats evolve with age, becoming mementos to cherish, devoid of any time period. 


Eva Louisa Jonas
Kazim Haidry
Holly Duce
Ajay Larr

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Collection No. 01 & Dust

HAAT-ery. is a project examining archival headwear, a physical research derived from texts, images and findings. All fabrics employ techniques by hand; whether that be hand-dyeing with natural dyes, hand-waxing, hand-stitching, or reusing antique textiles collected with consideration. Fabrics have been made specifically for us within India and neighbouring regions, as ethically and sustainable as possible.

All hats are made in London with a small team of milliners. Every detail, from the lining to the threads is the result of ongoing research and learning. The imperfections of hand-crafted and aged fabrics accumulate with wear, allowing each piece to be individual.